Negotiation and objection handling playbook for freelancers


Negotiation and objection handling playbook for freelancers

Building Strong Client Relationships and Securing Better Deals through Expert Negotiation Skills

Dear fellow freelancer,

Negotiation is crucial!

Are you tired of losing out on potential deals because you lack the negotiation skills to advocate for yourself and secure the terms you deserve?

Do you feel frustrated and demoralized when you can’t close the deal, even though you know you have the skills and expertise to deliver top-notch work?

I know how you feel. I used to struggle with negotiation and objection handling as a freelancer, and I lost out on several opportunities because of it.

That’s not all.

I used to fall victim to clients who promised me “exposure” and “more gigs” in exchange for discounted rates or free work.

As a naive freelancer, I was desperate for any opportunity to build my portfolio and get my name out there, so I fell for it every time.

They make a lowball offer and bait you with an empty promise.

But the harsh reality is that these tactics are just a bait and switch.

“Exposure” rarely leads to tangible results, and “more gigs” are often just empty promises.

And the worst part is that these tactics prey on the desperation of freelancers like us who are just trying to make a living.

I know firsthand how demoralizing it can be to feel like you are constantly being taken advantage of and not being compensated fairly for your hard work.

It can be tempting to take whatever work you can get, even if it means accepting unfair terms.

That’s why I wrote “Negotiation and Objection Handling Playbook for Freelancers.”

In this book, I share the strategies and techniques that I have learned and used to successfully negotiate deals and handle objections as a freelancer.

But don’t just take my word for it. I have proof to back up my claims.

Since mastering these skills, I have successfully negotiated deals worth thousands of dollars

$2,000 offer

$3,600 project negotiated

…And built strong, long-lasting relationships with my clients.

Again, don’t just take my word for it. Hear what clients say about me.

$1,200 project negotiated

$1,200 cash pickup

What about negotiating with domestic clients?

Nigerians clients are a different breed and I apply an advanced strategy called Anchoring to strike a good deal with them.

Domestic clients usually don’t disclose their budget. I compel them to unconsciously disclose their budget by anchoring.

budget revealed by anchoring

deal sealed

Elevate Your Freelance Business with Advanced Negotiation and Objection Handling Strategies

In this powerful and transformative guide, I share the step-by-step strategies that I used to master the art of negotiation and objection handling as a freelancer.

I’ll show you how to prepare for negotiation, make the first offer with confidence, respond to counteroffers, close the deal, and handle common objections.

Plus, I’ll provide practical exercises and role-playing scenarios to help you practice and hone your skills.

Don’t let a lack of negotiation skills hold you back any longer.

Invest in yourself and your freelance business by getting a copy of “Negotiation and Objection Handling Playbook for Freelancers.”

NOTE: This is a digital product. You will get instant access to this product even if you made payment by 2am.

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