By Emmanuel Odoh.

How online side hustle replaced my full time job.

Dear friend,

As financial security continues to be a problem worldwide, side hustles are necessary for those who want to get out of debt, and can be a stepping stone for those who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Side hustle simply means an extra source of income in addition to your daily job.

It can help you not only to earn more, but to try something new, especially if you’re considering a career change.

Some consider it as a form of hobby and some has realized that they can make a living from side hustling without relying on the traditional method of earning.

It is safe to say that side hustle has evolved the way people earn.

Before I started online side hustling in 2020, I realized that I had no economic value outside of my regular job.

The panic that hits me at the thought of losing my job was devastating because there’s nothing to fall back on. I had no financial security. What a terrible way to live.

I was a kitchen steward. An alternative way of saying that I do dishes, wash pots, clean floors, scrub grills, wash cold rooms, etc.

Photo of me as a steward

A humble job I must say. I needed to do something to be relevant.

I invested in skill acquisition. I started with graphics design on Canva (God bless this tool). I practiced and became proficient enough that people were willing to pay me to design simple graphics; something I was doing for fun.

I learned graphics design on Canva for creative reasons. It hit me that I could actually charge for it the day I designed a food menu for my boss then, the chef.

He usually types the menu on MS WORD and print it out plain and bold. I offered to make look better with Canva, and I created something simple in few minutes.

I was surprised at his excitement. He called my colleagues to come and see. “Make una come oo….see as our menu don fine!”

That moment, I realized that if I can bring excitement to him through design, I can do that for others and get paid for it. It was a validation for me.

This gave me a feeling of empowerment and value, and encouraged me to learn more skills. Best decision I’ve ever made!

I started getting side gigs and earned more than my regular salary. I remember my first international gig, where I was paid £300 to build a simple website. I couldn’t describe the feeling then! Foreign currency!

My side hustle became sustainable enough as I got more referrals from clients I worked with.

My next international gig was $600, followed by another $1,200 gig.

Earning from one of my gigs.

July, 2021, I took a bow from my regular job as my side income became sustainable.

Goodbye to 9-5. Hello entrepreneurship.

I have detailed in an e-book, EVERYTHING I’ve learnt regarding earning a living online from my experience.

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