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Hi, I’m Emmanuel, your Authentic Online Presence Partner. With five years of experience in web design and social media strategy, I help professionals and businesses establish a solid and authentic online presence that reflects their unique identity and attracts their dream clients.

My clients

My passion

I’m passionate about holistic life success and dedicated to helping clients committed to their success achieve their desired results. Inspired by the success stories of clients from various industries, I take pride in my strategic approach to projects. I understand that each client’s needs are unique and tailor my strategies to meet their specific goals. My methods are intentional and goal-oriented, based on understanding your challenges and developing the right strategy to overcome them.

Client story

“When I met Emmanuel, my brand was a disaster”

My Values

Honesty, empathy, and kindness are the core values that guide my work. I believe in a people-first philosophy, putting people at the heart of everything I do. This approach has proven profitable and fulfilling, leading to numerous success stories and a recent award for exceptional projects.

What sets me apart is my commitment to understanding your current struggles and desired outcomes. I don’t achieve results through magic or guesswork but through careful analysis and strategic planning. My goal is to partner with clients who are determined to succeed and refuse to settle for less.

Outside of work, I’m a fitness enthusiast who enjoys going to the gym, visiting beautiful places, and having a good time. I believe that a balanced life leads to greater success in business and personal endeavors.


Growing up as the seventh child in a big family, I learned the values of hard work and resilience from a young age. After losing my father, my mother raised us with determination, running petty businesses to support us through school.

After secondary school, I moved to Lagos in search of better opportunities. I worked various jobs, including as a kitchen assistant in a 5-star hotel, which funded my university education. I graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurial and Business Studies, eager to make my mark in the business world.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point in my life. I used the time to learn digital skills such as graphics design, web development, and digital marketing. I started freelancing online and soon realized the immense potential of the digital world. Today, I work with clients from around the globe, helping them achieve their digital goals.

I am delighted to offer my highest commendation for Emmanuel and his team, the brilliant mind behind the transformative online presence of Porsche Oil Group.

They has proven to be an invaluable asset to our company. Their mastery of web design, coupled with a strategic understanding of our industry, has played a pivotal role in elevating Porsche Oil Group’s global standing.

From the inception of our collaboration, they exhibited unparalleled dedication and a keen eye for detail. Their innovative approach to design not only captured the essence of our brand but propelled us into the digital spotlight, opening doors to global partnerships and attracting the attention of key investors.

Under his creative guidance, our website has become more than just a digital platform; it’s a gateway to our values, operations, and the promising future of Porsche Oil Group. Emmanuel have not only enhanced our online presence but have become instrumental in securing critical partnerships and investments that are propelling our company into new heights.

I wholeheartedly recommend Emmanuel and his team to any organization seeking not just a web design agency, but a strategic partner in their digitalĀ  journey. Their work is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic investment in your company’s success.

Sir Jerry Wanodi, CEO, Porsche Oil Group of Companies.

“Emmanuel did and amazing job with bringing the vision of our organization’s website to life. Emmanuel gets the job done quickly efficiently and he is so kind and gracious. We are very pleased with his services, grateful for his talent and we would definitely recommend him to others, moving forward.”

A'Bryana - Founder, Black Women Speak. MN, USA

“Emmanuel have been extremely accessible throughout this process. Also his swiftness to execute changes and edits to the website has been great to work with. I know we are appreciative to have him to set up the site so quickly. Thank you for all the hard work, Emmanuel.”

Olivia May - Media Planner/Buyer, Haberman, MN, USA.

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