Venus Raquel

Products Branding | Web Design

Venus Raquel is a national and international traveler who explores the intersections between plants, people, and culture. Her interest in herbalism combined with her strategic storytelling nature fueled her to demystify and simplify the subject of ethnobotany with her Ethnotrots around the globe.

As a multicultural black woman, Venus’ expertise lies in sustained historical studies, herbal practices, and cultural competence. After a year of studying under “professional” herbalists at Minneapolis College, she came to the realization that herbalism was not meant to be a study of westernized textbooks.

The Goal

Product branding for her herbal-based products.

She was ready for a website that accurately reflected her brand.

She also wanted a website that’s easy to update so that adding new content would no longer feel overwhelming.

And of course, she wanted her new website to help her attract more clients.

The Discovery

Venus and I had a discovery session where she communicated her vision for the product design with so much detail and clarity. We were a good fit to work together, and the project was delivered.

She was impressed with the outcome and decided to hire me for her website project since I already understood her goals and vision from previous project. The entire experience was amazing and she can’t just stop recommending me to others!

The Products

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